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Why do I need a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service?

By scheduling periodic maintenance throughout the year with our Field Service Engineers can ensure that your medical laser investment remains operating and generating revenues for a long time. Preventative Maintenance (PM) service is NOT a service to be avoided by the laser owner/operator. Rather, PMs can save money and time. Many problems with laser operation can be corrected before they become too costly. MD Lasers and most manufacturers recommend two preventative maintenance services per year

Why should I buy a previously owned laser instead of a new laser?

Previously owned lasers are simply more affordable, and generally a smarter investment choice since the price may be one-half the cost of a new laser. When buying from MD Lasers, you will receive our Warranty Certified laser equipment, guaranteeing the highest quality. Unlike our competitors, we own every laser we sell. We have a rigorous and thorough certification criteria, requiring any and all necessary repairs are done and that the unit is thoroughly tested and documented prior to listing them on our website. To prove our commitment to quality, we warranty each and every machine we sell.

How quick can MD Lasers respond to a service call request?

Typically, MD Lasers can respond to new customer service repair calls within a 24-hour period. Of course, every service call is unique so our Field Service Engineers and Customer Service team work directly with our customers on each individual call to prepare all necessary estimates, authorizations, and parts requests. The cryogen won’t quit spraying or is not spraying correctly on my GentleLASE hand-piece. What should I do? This problem is often associated with either a worn out cryogen valve or contaminated cryogen.

Often times, the valves can be repaired and the problem will not warrant replacement. One of our most popular services is the hand piece rebuild and is offered on the GLP, MGL, & MGY. This service repairs and/or replaces most faulty components inside and including the hand piece shell. To avoid this problem, NEVER refill your cryogen canisters and never purchase cryogen from a vendor who reuses cryogen canisters.

Why is fiber alignment important?

On the GentleLASE system, the fiber optic delivers the laser energy to the slider within the handpiece. The handpiece housing holds the slider and distance gauge. Figure 1 illustrates laser beam travel within the handpiece, as both the fiber and the slider optics must be aligned with the distance gauge.

Figure 1. Proper and Improper Alignment. Flashing and burning may result from improper fiber distal-end alignment, causing overheating and charring of the distance gauge.

Figure “A” shows proper alignment of the fiber and slider optics with the distance gauge within the handpiece. This results in a beam, which is well centered within the treatment area of the distance gauge.

Figure “B” demonstrates poor alignment of the fiber. The fiber misalignment is accentuated by the slider’s very fast lens, causing the beam to hit the distance gauge. This type of misalignment causes bright (white or yellow) flashing and subsequent burning of the distance gauge. Frequently, there is burning of the plastic distance gauge, and sometimes-nauseous fumes may be emitted. This drastically reduces the life of the distance gauge and causes overheating during treatments.

In 2008 Candela has begun inserting a stainless steel shadowing ring in their distance gauges. This ring attempts to prevent the laser from hitting the distance gauge, which causes burning and charring. This fails to address the problem, which is poor fiber alignment. In addition, the ring becomes extremely hot and is of a safety concern when changing windows during longer treatments.


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