Field Laser Repair & Service

Our staff of Field Service Engineers have years of experience working on all-medical laser platforms. We will fully explain any and all failures and operational problems encountered with your system. This educates laser operators on usage and can help to prevent future failures. If your current medical laser repair technician cannot or will not provide this information, you should seriously consider using MD Lasers’ medical repair technicians. Our knowledge and experience is second to none!

Preventative Maintenance

By scheduling periodic maintenance service, our Field Service Engineers can ensure that your medical laser investment remains fully operational and generating revenues. Preventative Maintenance (PM) service is NOT a service to be avoided by the laser owner/operator. Rather, PMs can save you money and time. Many problems with laser operation can be corrected before they become too costly. Just as you would not expect an automobile to run for long without an oil change or tune up, Preventative Maintenance for a laser system should be just as diligent!

Laser Equipment Installation

Laser equipment must be properly installed to meet your expectations of trouble-free use.

Installation includes:

  1. Proper power facilitation within your office (must meet the manufacturer’s specification and that of your facility’s AC power network)
  2. A Precision alignment by our Field Service Agent (must meet the manufacturer’s specification)
  3. Consultation on laser use and demonstration by Field Service Agent

For a given laser system this may include some of all of the following:

  • Facility requirements including power and cooling water.
  • Suggested relative setup orientations for major laser system components.
  • Specifications for external interlock circuits.
  • Specifications for external computer control.

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