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We carry most major cosmetic lasers Lumenis, Candela, Cynosure, Syneron

Field Laser Repair & Service

Our staff of Field Service Engineers have years of experience working on all-medical laser platforms. We will fully explain any and all failures and operational problems encountered with your system. This educates laser operators on usage and can help to prevent future failures. If your current medical laser repair technician cannot or will not provide this information, you should seriously consider using MD Lasers’ medical repair technicians. Our knowledge and experience is second to none!

MD Lasers Platinum Service Plan

Coverage for Entire Laser Chassis

Our Most Complete Service Offering!

- 2 Preventative Maintenance Visits Per Year

- Parts, Labor, Travel are Covered

- Replacement Cost of Laser Head and HVPS Units are Covered

- This Coverage is Subject to Inspection and Acceptance of the Equipment Prior to Contract Initiation

- Excluded from this are Consumable Devices in the Delivery Path(Sliders, Fibers and Delivery Optics)

Service Contract Response time: MD Lasers will use all resources at our disposal and reasonable efforts to have an engineer arrive on site for a machine that is down, usually within one business day.


Preventative Maintenance

By scheduling periodic maintenance service, our Field Service Engineers can ensure that your medical laser investment remains fully operational and generating revenues. Preventative Maintenance (PM) service is NOT a service to be avoided by the laser owner/operator. Rather, PMs can save you money and time. Many problems with laser operation can be corrected before they become too costly. Just as you would not expect an automobile to run for long without an oil change or tune up, Preventative Maintenance for a laser system should be just as diligent!



Buying new equipment can be very expensive. At MD Lasers we service all equipment in house before putting it up for sale. We make sure that the equipment meets or surpasses manufacture specs. We understand that in todays market a company must save were they can and we are here to provide you with a like new machine at a fraction of the cost. We believe quality is always free.



The way our laser leasing process works is as follows:

  1. You receive a one page application, fill it out, send it in.
  2. The lease company approval department reviews your application.
  3. Once you’re approved, a lease company representative will contact you to discuss terms such as the 4. length of your lease and buy out terms.
  4. Once you’ve decided on the terms, your documents will be created and sent to you via overnight mail.
  5. Look over the lease and sign where indicated, the faster the leasing company get the papers back, the faster we can set-up delivery.
  6. Once the lease company receives the signed documents, they will issue the seller a purchase order.
  7. Once MD Lasers receives the purchase order, your equipment will be prepared for transport and shipped to you normally within 1-3 weeks.


MD Laser Training

Additional Information


Marketing Strategy - Learn How to Market Your Laser Equipment

Machine Training - Learn the Equipment Inside and Out!

Staff Training - Hands On Training for Your Entire Staff

Market Analysis & Research - Competitive Research that Optimizes ROI

Treatment Training - Education on Treatments Designed for Your Laser Equipment

Laser Training is personally conducted by the owner and founder of MD Lasers, Troy Salmela. Troy has over 20 years of experience in laser training. His knowledge and expertise provides you and your staff with the most comprehensive training available. Troy will personally visit locations that schedule laser training and provide the services mentioned above. We will make sure that all of your laser needs are met before departure!